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Premiere Property Group, LLC.
311 W 11th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660
Office: 360-693-6139
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Premiere Property Group
Battle Ground, LLC
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Battle Ground, WA  98604
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The Southwest Washington real estate agents you can trust for hassle free home buying and selling!

Choosing an outstanding real estate pro in the Vancouver area could be the difference between a great, no-stress real estate transaction and a terrible, annoying hassle. We believe we're in the "great, no-stress" crowd!

A real estate agent who is familiar with the Vancouver subdivisions, housing market, real estate laws, Clark County schools, etc. is important to buying or selling a home. Our agents have been helping clients purchase and sell in the greater Vancouver area for years, and we're ready to help you today - we're just a click or a call away!

And remember, you'll want a real estate professional who understands the convenience of technology without losing the personal touch that a real estate transaction deserves. Be sure to put the resources here on our website like mortgage calculators, our listings, how to stage your home and much more to good use.

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Premiere Property Group   Professional Service... Extraordinary Results!


Now Hiring Great Real Estate Agents!

What’s important to you is important to us...

1.      Work Environment: 

The formation of our brokerage came about from the desire to offer a better value proposition
to talented agents and teams than those offered at traditional brokerages.  

At Premiere Property Group you will find:
·         A Great Culture of Sharing, Synergy & Masterminding
·         Professional Common Best Practices
·         Industry Leading Brokerage Fee Plans to Choose From
·         Residual Income Recruiting Bonus Plan That You Can Retire On and Will To Your Heirs
·         Expanded Business Opportunities (commercial, tenant lease, property management,
multi-family and investors)

·         Gorgeous Class One Office Space That You'll Be Proud To Work In and Bring Clients To

2.      Help From Fellow Brokers:

Do you feel like you're just treading water all alone in your Real Estate business?  
How about a lifeline to success?
At Premiere Property Group we believe we are all in this together.  We share an attitude of
giving - to each other, our business, and our community.  We work together to take our
business to the next level.
“Synergy results from bringing different perspectives together in the spirit of
mutual respect and cooperation.  It is teamwork, team building, and the
development of unity and creativity with others.  It is the crowning achievement
of all 7 habits.”

-- Dr. Steven R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
3.      Talent:
Premiere Property Group has a unique perspective on the real estate business.  
We organize to leverage each other's talents.  We are looking for agents who in their
past have had a talent, interest, or experience in the following areas:
·         Internet Technology
·         Law & Contracts
·         Accounting / Finance
·         Public Relations
·         Marketing
·         Human Resources
·         Teaching / Training
·         Second Languages
We are building a brokerage centered on the concepts of synergy and expanded
business opportunities for all.  We believe that the more varied the talent
you associate yourself with -- the greater the skill & potential is for everyone.
 4.      Business Growth:
Real Estate can be more than just buying and selling homes.

As a broker with Premiere Property Group, we help you tap into a reservoir of additional
business opportunities! 
You can bring your unique expertise to the table and you can
benefit from others talents and specialties too.

We can show you how to expand your potential in Real Estate in the following areas:
·         Short Sales / REO's
·         New Construction
·         Luxury Homes and Estates
·         Multi - Family
·         Area / Neighborhood Specialists
·         Property Management
·         Commercial Sales & Leasing
·         Something we haven't thought of?
5.      Cost Savings:
What are you getting for all that you pay to work for your current
brokerage every year?
At Premiere Property Group, the typical Single Agent could save 40%-50%...
Multiple Agent or Husband/Wife Teams could save 50%-75%... versus the typical
national franchise brokerage fees & splits.
You see, we're not after all your hard earned commissions. We want your talent,
experience and energy.

At Premiere Property Group, we help our brokers save every day:




6.      Earn Residual Income by Referring Other Brokers to Join Premiere Property Group:
Our Covenants

1.       Always do the right thing.

2.       Listen, learn and build consensus.

3.       Communicate, ask questions, and expect feedback.

4.       Be attentive to details.

5.       Be consultative; two minds are better than one.

6.       Meet problems head on and inform the involved parties of the issue.

7.       You never know everything, always be in a learning mode.

8.       Know the numbers.

9.       Research, ask questions, plan, and execute.




We're proud to be one of the fastest growing, most innovative brokerages in town.   


So give us a call or just shoot us an email to seize your opportunity for a positive change. You'll be happy you did.

Locally Owned, By Brokers, For Brokers.



Steve Borwieck, Owner 




Premiere Property Group, LLC

311 W 11th Street

Vancouver, Washington 98660




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